Things I think we should start at concerts.  “Convention badges.” 

The furry fandom has these.  A drawing of your “fursona” and your name, so people know who you are.

We should do that for SPG concerts too.  Art of your fanbot/Kazoolander/character, and their name/your URL so that internet people can know who you are right away.  Would make finding people much easier, and show off our characters.

Also a great way to show off great art.  We have so many AMAZING artists in this fandom, it’d be cool to see more art at live shows.

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moonstruckmidnight asked:

I like what you're saying with the convention badges, but I don't /fully/ understand what you mean, could you possibly explain more, please? ^_^;; (I'm so sorry, I'm really bad with comprehending things and this sounds cool so I wanna understand it fully) Thank you if you decide to answer this (^_^3)


In the furry fandom, “con badges” are a HUGE business.  Here are some examples:

Aerosocks, I have wanted one of their badges for a while.
Some badges I’ve made.
The first badge I ever commissioned from someone.

When you’re in a fursuit, a lot of people don’t speak.  So it’s hard to tell people your name.  Or since most of the fandom knows each other through the characters we draw, we have a visual when we go to cons to find our favorite artists or friends.

In the SPG fandom, people have a lot of characters.  And it feels like a lot of shyness about asking people for their URL’s and screen names.  So the idea of having our fan bots, or Kazoolanders, or some other character on a badge like this, with our screen names or URL’s or whatever, would be a good way to find our Cav and Tumblr friends without the awkward “So who are you?” problem.

I like this idea, con badges in the spg fandom should be a thing.


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That’s…. good to know.


seriously why don’t we talk about this as a fandom
they went missing for 8 years why the fuck don’t we talk about this


seriously why don’t we talk about this as a fandom

they went missing for 8 years why the fuck don’t we talk about this